Drag and drop the "Add To MyWishtry " button onto your browser's bookmark bar. Once installed, just click it when you find an item online that you want to add to your gift list.

How To Create A Wishtry?

Wishtry gives users the flexibility to choose the items they like best, from any online market place. After you have found an item you want online, just click Add To MyWishtry   and add the gift to your wishtry.

How Do I Get “Add To MyWishtry” Button On My Bookmark Bar?

Drag Add To MyWishtry   the button to your bookmarks bar: Can't find your bookmark bar? Don't worry, just press Ctrl + Shift + B on Windows and Command + Shift + B on your Mac, and voila your bookmark bar is back.

How To Share My Wishtry?

Once you created your Wishtry, you can easily share via Email, Messages and Whatsapp or on all your social platforms. Your guests can also search for your wishtry with your name on wishtry.in

How Many Gifts Can I Add To My Wishtry?

There is no restriction on the number of gifts you can add to your Wishtry. Unlimited gifts can be added to your Wishtry.

How Will I Know That A Gift Is Purchased?

You will be notified via email when a gift is purchased by your family/friends.

What Is Cash Fund?

Cash Fund are ideal for honeymoons, saving for a new house, building a nursery and those large expenses that you’re saving up for! If you are a guest who can’t decide what to buy for your Wishtry member, feel free to contribute any amount to the Cash Fund.

When Will I Receive My Cash Fund?

You will receive the money within 15 business days after the completion of your event date. Wishtry will contact you after the event date and the money would be transferred to your bank account after deducting the fees.

How Can One Purchase A Gift From Wishtry?

You can visit the Wishtry of your friend and view all the items available for purchase. You can click on any item you wish to buy and you will be then directed to the third-party website from which the gift was added. You will complete the entire transaction on that website. After completing the transaction you should visit the Wishtry page and mark the gift as purchased.

Drag the button into your bookmarks bar