Drag and drop the "Add To MyWishtry " button onto your browser's bookmark bar. Once installed, just click it when you find an item online that you want to add to your gift list.
Never Get Disappointed Again!

When your friends and family see your Wishtry, they’ll know exactly what you want for your special occasion. They can either choose to buy gifts from your Wishtry or they can contribute towards your Cash Fund.

Cash Fund

Tastefully register for cash by creating a Cash Fund. Cash Funds are ideal for honeymoons, saving for a new house, building a nursery and those large expenses that you’re saving up for!

If you are a guest who can’t decide what to buy for your Wishtry member, feel free to contribute any amount to the Cash Fund. Your Cash Fund will now appear at the top of your Wishtry for all your guests to see.

Gifting Spree, Stress-Free

As a guest, you can search the Wishtry of your loved ones and browse through the gifts that they want. You can purchase those gifts for them from any store you like.

Welcome, Guests!

Here’s what you can do as Wishtry Guest
Search for a Wishtry member and browse through their wish list!
Purchase a gift that the member wants from any online store!
You can contribute to their Cash Fund!
Add gifts from any online store
  •   Drag the Add To MyWishtry  button to your bookmark bar:
  •   Visit any online store and browse for your favourite products.
  •   When you find that trendy crockery set you’ve always wanted, click the ‘Add to MyWishtry’ button to add it to your Wishtry.
  •   And that’s it! Now, share your Wishtry with your friends and family to see your wishes come true. Crockery set, check!
  • Can’t find your bookmark bar? Don’t worry, just press Ctrl + Shift + B on Windows and Command + Shift + B on your Mac, and voila your bookmark bar is back.
Easily Announce & Share Your Wishtry

Customize and share your Wishtry on your social networks and messages. Send beautiful eCards announcing your Wishtry directly to friends & family.

Great For Non- Profit Organization!

Wishtry is perfect for non-profit organization and fundraisers. Creating a wish list for your organization is easy and free! Raise funds by utilizing our unique Cash Fund option. Even let donors choose the program, they want to contribute towards.

Wishtry App for Iphone and Android.

Our free Iphone and Android App allow you to make a Wishtry on the go.

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Drag the button into your bookmarks bar
Drag the button into your bookmarks bar